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Wikispaces offers an excellent HELP section. Click on HELP in the upper right section of the Wikispaces screen. Below are a selection of quick tips.

  • BACKUPS: Backup the contents of a wiki to view offline. Click on Manage Wiki, Tools, Exports. The wiki will be downloaded as a zip file that can be extracted locally.
  • COLORS: Like a PowerPoint presentation the colors of the wiki background and text should be pleasing to the eye and easy to read.
  • CONTENT: It is good practice to type content for a wiki page in a word processor and then copy it to the page.
  • COPYING CONTENT FROM A WORD PROCESSOR: After creating your content in a word processor save your work as a text file so not formatting is carried to the wiki page. It prevents incorrect line and word spacing and formatting. (Wikispaces has improved working with Microsoft Word, but consider text files if problems persist.)
  • EMAIL FROM WIKISPACES: If you do not receive email from Wikispaces check your junk mail box and/or network spam filter settings. Consider an alternative email address if the problem cannot be resolved.
  • EMBEDDING: If the widget or media to be embedded does not match a specific option, select Other HTML.
  • FORMATTING ERRORS: When changes in format, i.e. font, style, spacing, etc. do not take effect and backspacing and editing does not clean up formatting, use the Wikitext Editor to resolve the problem.
  • GLOGS: Chose the orientation of your glog carefully. If inserting a portrait oriented glog to prevent extra white space you must change percentage, height and width in the embed code of the widget you create. If you change the percentage to 75% for example you must also change the height and the width by 75%. Take advantage of the history capability to revert back to an earlier view when deciding the final look. Landscape glogs if adjusted will likely be distorted in size and a pinboard glog can never be enlarged enough to fill a wiki page.
  • LINKING TO FILES: To link to a file such as a pdf document, click on Pages and Files, right click on the hyperlinked name of your file, and click on Copy Link Location. Then on your wiki page where you've listed your document, click on the Link button and create web address link.
  • LOCKING PAGES: If there are pages you do not want edited by anyone but yourself, go to Manage Wiki/Pages. Click in boxes to the left of the pages to lock. Click on the Lock icon at the top.
  • NAVIGATION: To determine what appears in the navigation column, select edit navigation in the Navigation Sidebar. Determine order of pages, inserting links after laying out the contents of the navigation column. Determine if any pages are sub pages and use wikitext to indent.
  • TABLES: If you are entering only text and want nice neat even columns you might want to enter your text in a spreadsheet. Copy and paste your contents into Tableizer and get an embed code for a widget. Use the Other Widget to create your table.
  • TABLE OF CONTENTS: To create a table of contents type [[toc]] at the top of the page. If you do not want the page title to appear in your table of contents, do not make it a heading, leave normal. Instead change size and/or color clicking on the T/icon to make changes.
  • TRANSFERRING CONTENT FROM AN OLD SITE: If moving content from a non-wiki site to a wiki, bring up the page in a browser window, copy the content and paste it onto the wiki page. Follow up with formatting required to organize the page.
  • UPLOADS: Click on Manage Wiki, Content, Files to upload multiple files for a wiki or if you prefer choose single file upload.