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L.Houle’s Wiki


WIKIS are a collection of web pages that allows those who have access the ability to contribute or modify content. For educators it is an opportunity for collaboration as well as being where students spend their time.


  1. Collaborative opportunities
  2. Differentiation possibilities
  3. Authentic assessment
  4. Meeting of core, library and NETS standards
  5. Wider audience
  6. Meet students and parents on the web
  7. Free for educators
  8. Simplicity
  9. Easy editing, linking and sharing
  10. WYSIWYG or Simplified HTML
  11. Ease of navigation
  12. Simplicity of transferring content from original web site and/or document
  13. Flexible security
  14. Independence from webmasters and server access
  15. Backup capabilities
  16. Not software dependent


  1. Getting users to site
  2. Lure of Google search box
  3. Sharing editing, giving up creative control
  4. Getting teachers aboard
  5. Maintaining organizational structure
  6. Selecting best wiki for purpose
  7. District mail server and wiki email
  8. Simplicity
  9. Engaging and motivating students
  10. Inappropriate activities
  11. Plagiarism
  12. Competition with newer technology