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Monday, January 8

  1. page No Registration Livebinder edited {livebinder welcome.png} ... Livebinders, updated August 2017. January 2018. While you ... …
    {livebinder welcome.png}
    Livebinders, updated August 2017.January 2018. While you
    to Livebinders I've altered my binder tohas 3 levels
    The colored main tabs represent groupings of sites in 6 areas:
    Creativity, Collaboration, Conversion, Multimedia, Photo/Imaging, Presentation, and Productivity.
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    11:36 pm
  2. page NO Registration Necessary edited ... Automatic text summarization tool. Example Write Rhymes Updated August 27, 2017 January …
    Automatic text summarization tool. Example
    Write Rhymes
    Updated August 27, 2017January 9, 2018
    list Alphabetical List
    No Registration Web 2.0
    123apps (Conversion/Multimedia Tools)
    Online OCR (Conversion Tools)
    3D Gallery Generator-Classtools.net (Presentation Tools)

    Online QR Code Decoder
    3D Gallery Generator-Classtools.net (Presentation Tools)
    Online Voice Recorder (123apps) (Multimedia Tools)

    ABC-ya Animation for Kids (Creativity Tools)
    Otaku Avatar Maker (CreativityOnline Voice Recorder (123apps) (Multimedia Tools)
    ABCya Paint (Creativity Tools)
    PageOrama (CollaborationOtaku Avatar Maker (Creativity Tools)
    ABC-ya! Word Clouds (Creativity Tools)
    Paperrater (ProductivityPageOrama (Collaboration Tools)
    Add Text (Photo/Image Tools)
    PDF MergyPaperrater (Productivity Tools)
    After the Deadline (Productivity Tools)
    PDFaidPDF Mergy (Productivity Tools)
    Alphabetizer (Productivity Tools)
    PDFescapePDFaid (Productivity Tools)
    AnswerGarden (Collaboration Tools)
    PDFOnlineReaderPDFescape (Productivity Tools)
    Apowersoft Free Video to mp3 Converter (Conversion Tools)
    Photocat (Photo/ImagePDFOnlineReader (Productivity Tools)
    Appear.in (Collaboration Tools)
    PhotoCollagePhotocat (Photo/Image Tools)/Tools)
    Archimy - 3D Function Online (Productivity Tools)
    PhotoJoinerPhotoCollage (Photo/Image Tools)Tools)/
    Article Summarizer (Productivity Tools)
    Photoshop Express EditorPhotoJoiner (Photo/Image Tools)
    Audiotool - Tonematrix (Multimedia Tools)
    PhotovisiPhotoshop Express Editor (Photo/Image Tools)
    Autocue Free Teleprompter (Presentation Tools)
    Pic ResizePhotovisi (Photo/Image Tools)
    Automatic Text Summarizer (Productivity Tools)
    Picascii (CreativityPic Resize (Photo/Image Tools)
    Automotivator (Creativity Tools)
    Picasion (Photo/ImagePicascii (Creativity Tools)
    Badge Maker (Productivity Tools)
    PicFontPicasion (Photo/Image Tools)
    Bart Simpson Chalkboard Generator (Creativity Tools)
    PicGhostPicFont (Photo/Image Tools)
    Beamium (Presentation Tools)
    PickmarkrPicGhost (Photo/Image Tools)
    Beautiful QR Codes (Collaboration Tools)
    PicMonkeyPickmarkr (Photo/Image Tools)
    BeFunky (Photo/Image Tools)
    Pics.io (Presentation Tools)
    Pixlr (Photo/Image Tools)
    Bounce (Collaboration Tools)
    PiZap (Photo/ImagePlagiarism Checker (Productivity Tools)
    Brainy Box - Classtools.net (Presentation Tools)
    Plagiarism Checker (Productivity Tools)
    BridgeURL (Collaboration Tools)
    Plagiarism Checker (Productivity Tools)
    Brief.ly (Collaboration Tools)

    Plagiarisma.net (Productivity Tools)
    BuiLD YourR WiLD SeLF (CreativityBrief.ly (Collaboration Tools)
    PlagScan (Productivity Tools)
    Captioner (Photo/ImageBuiLD YourR WiLD SeLF (Creativity Tools)
    PlagTracker (Productivity Tools)
    Cartoon Maker (CreativityCaptioner (Photo/Image Tools)
    Poll Junkie (Collaboration Tools)
    Cartoon Photo (Photo/ImageMaker (Creativity Tools)
    Poll Maker (Collaboration Tools)
    ChartGo (ProductivityCartoon Photo (Photo/Image Tools)
    Pollcode (Collaboration Tools)
    CharticoChartGo (Productivity Tools)
    Portrait Illustration Maker (Creativity Tools)
    Chartico (Productivity Tools)
    Primary Pad (Collaboration Tools)

    Citrify (Photo/Image Tools)
    Primary Pad (Collaboration Tools)
    ClassTools (Productivity Tools)

    Printfriendly (Productivity Tools)
    ClassTools (Productivity Tools)
    PrintWhatYouLike (Productivity Tools)

    ClipYourPhotos (Photo/Image Tools)
    PrintWhatYouLike (Productivity Tools)
    Convert PDF to Word (Conversion Tools)

    Puzzle-Maker (Productivity Tools)
    Convert PDF to Word (Conversion Tools)
    Puzzlemaker at Discovery.com (Productivity Tools)

    Cool Text Graphics Generator (Creativity Tools)
    Puzzlemaker at Discovery.com (Productivity Tools)
    CoSketch (Collaboration Tools)

    QR Code Generator (Collaboration Tools)
    CoSketch (Collaboration Tools)
    QR Droid Zapper (Collaboration Tools)

    Create a Graph (Productivity Tools)
    QRCode Monkey (Collaboration Tools)
    Cropp.me (Photo/Image Tools)
    QRCode MonkeyQRStuff (Collaboration Tools)
    Croppola (Photo/Image Tools)
    QRStuff (Collaboration Tools)QRVoice (MultimediaTools)
    Crunchzilla (Creativity Tools)
    QRVoice (MultimediaTools)Queeky Paint (Creativity Tools)
    CuePrompter (Presentation Tools)
    Queeky Paint (CreativityQuick Picture Tools (Photo/Image Tools)
    Cut MP3 Online
    Quick Picture Tools (Photo/ImageQuozio (Creativity Tools)
    CutMyPic (Photo/Image Tools)
    Quozio (CreativityQwikslides - Classtools.net (Presentation Tools)
    DabbleDraw (Creativity Tools)
    Qwikslides - Classtools.net (PresentationReadWriteThink Comic Creator (Creativity Tools)
    DaFont (Creativity Tools)
    ReadWriteThink Comic Creator (Creativity Tools)
    Diffen (Productivity Tools)

    ReadWriteThink Cube Creator (Productivity Tools)
    Dirpy (MultimediaDiffen (Productivity Tools)
    ReadWriteThink Flip Book (Productivity Tools)
    Disposable Chat (CollaborationDirpy (Multimedia Tools)
    ReadWriteThink Postcard Creator (Productivity Tools)
    DocsPal Online File Converter (ConversionDisposable Chat (Collaboration Tools)
    ReadWriteThink Printing Press (Productivity Tools)
    DocupubDocsPal Online File Converter (Conversion Tools)
    ReadWriteThink Story Map (Productivity Tools)
    DoppelMe (CreativityDocupub (Conversion Tools)
    ReadWriteThink Timeline (Productivity Tools)
    Draw.io (ProductivityDoppelMe (Creativity Tools)
    ReadWriteThink Webbing Tool (Productivity Tools)
    DrawIsland (CreativityDraw.io (Productivity Tools)
    Recite (Creativity Tools)
    Duplichecker (ProductivtyDrawIsland (Creativity Tools)
    Resize My Image (Photo/Image Tools)
    EasyPrompter (PresentationDuplichecker (Productivty Tools)
    Resizeimage.net (Photo/Image Tools)
    EasyStreet (CreativityEasyPrompter (Presentation Tools)
    Resizr (Photo/Image Tools)
    EdHelper Puzzles (ProductivityEasyStreet (Creativity Tools)
    Rewordify (Productivity Tools)
    File Dropper (CollaborationEdHelper Puzzles (Productivity Tools)
    Ribbet (Photo/Image Tools)
    Flame Painter (CreativityFile Dropper (Collaboration Tools)
    Rollip (Photo/Image Tools)
    Flash-GearFlame Painter (Creativity Tools)
    RotatePDF (Productivity Tools)
    FlashVortextFlash-Gear (Creativity Tools)
    SafeShare.TV (Multimedia Tools)
    FlipAnimFlashVortext (Creativity Tools)
    Sciweavers pdf2x (Conversion Tools)
    Font de Music (MultimediaFlipAnim (Creativity Tools)
    Screencast-O-Matic (Multimedia/Presentation)
    Font de Music (Multimedia Tools)
    Screenshot Machine (Productivity Tools)

    FotoFlexor (Photo/Image Tools)
    Screenshot MachineScribble Maps (Productivity Tools)
    Fotojet (Photo/Image Tools)
    Scribble Maps (ProductivityScrumblr (Collaboration Tools)
    Fotonea (Photo/Image Tools)
    Scrumblr (CollaborationSedja (Productivity Tools)
    Fotor (Photo/Image Tools)
    Sedja (ProductivitySenduit (Collaboration Tools)
    Fotostars (Phot/Image Tools)
    Senduit (CollaborationShortText (Productivity Tools)
    FoxyUtils for PDF (Productivity Tools)
    ShortText (ProductivityShrink Pictures (Photo/Image Tools)
    Free Avatar Maker (Creativity Tools)
    Shrink Pictures (Photo/ImageCreate Avatar (Creativity Tools)
    Free Gifmaker (Photo/Image Tools)
    Shrink Pictures Create Avatar (CreativityShutterborg Word Processor (Productivity Tools)
    Free Online OCR (Conversion Tools)
    Shutterborg Word Processor (ProductivitySignbot (Creativity Tools)
    Free PDF Converter (Conversion Tools )
    Signbot (CreativitySketchometry (Productivity Tools)
    From Text to Speech (Multimedia Tools)
    Sketchometry (ProductivitySketchpad 3.7 (Creativity Tools)
    Gickr (Photo/Image Tools)
    Sketchpad 3.7 (CreativitySlick Write (Productivity Tools)
    gifmake (Photo/Image Tools)
    Slick Write (ProductivitySlimber (Creativity Tools)
    Gifmaker.me (Photo/Image Tools)
    Slimber (CreativitySmall QR (Collaboration Tools)
    GifUp (Photo/Image Tools)
    Small QR (Collaboration Tools)
    Glow Text (Creativity Tools)

    Smallpdf (Conversion/Productivity Tools)
    Google LogoGlow Text (Creativity Tools)
    Snaggy (Productivity Tools)
    Google Logo (Creativity Tools)
    Snap (Creativity Tools)

    Grab Tube (Multimedia Tools)
    Snap (CreativityStoodle (Collaboration Tools)
    Graphity (Productivity Tools)
    StoryTop Story Maker (Creativity Tools)
    Hemingway (Productivity Tools)
    Stoodle (CollaborationSumo Paint (Creativity Tools)
    Hohli Online Chart Builder (Productivity Tools)
    StoryTop Story MakerSupalogo (Creativity Tools)
    i2img (Conversion Tools)
    Sumo Paint (CreativitySuperKids WordSearch (Productivity Tools)
    i2ocr (Conversion Tools)
    Supalogo (CreativitySuperlame (Photo/Image Tools)
    iLovePDF (Productivity Tools)
    SuperKids WordSearch (ProductivitySzoter (Photo/Image Tools)
    Image Embellisher (Photo/Image Tools)
    Superlame (Photo/ImageTableizer (Productivity Tools)
    Imagecodr.org (Productivity Tools)
    Szoter (Photo/ImageTagCrowd (Creativity Tools)
    Imageoid (Photo/Image Tools)
    Tableizer (ProductivityTagxedo (Creativity Tools)
    ImageSplitter (Photo/Image Tools)
    TackkTally (Collaboration Tools)
    Imgflip Images to Gif Generator (Photo/Image Tools)
    TagCrowd (CreativityTeachnology Word Search Maker (Productivity Tools)
    Imgflip Video to Gif Generator (Multimedia Tools)
    Tagxedo (CreativityTestmoz (Productivity Tools)
    iPaint (Creativity Tools)
    Tally (Collaboration Tools)
    iPiccy (Photo/Image Tools)
    Teachnology Word Search Maker (Productivity Tools)
    JavaScript Quiz Maker (Productivity Tools)
    Testmoz (Productivity Tools)
    Jeopardy Labs (Productivity Tools)

    Text Compactor (Productivity Tools)
    Justbeamit (CollaborationiPiccy (Photo/Image Tools)
    Textanim 2.0 (Creativity Tools)
    Justpaste.it (CollaborationJavaScript Quiz Maker (Productivity Tools)
    Textcraft (Creativity Tools)
    Kl1p Online Notepad (CollaborationJeopardy Labs (Productivity Tools)
    Thesis Builder (Productivity Tools)
    Kleki (CreativityJustbeamit (Collaboration Tools)
    TinEye Reverse Image Search (Productivity Tools)
    Konwerter (ConversionJustpaste.it (Collaboration Tools)
    Tiny URL (Productivity Tools)
    Lesson Corner Puzzles (ProductivityKl1p Online Notepad (Collaboration Tools)
    TodaysMeet (Collaboration Tools)
    Lingro Dictionary (ProductivityKleki (Creativity Tools)
    ToePub (Conversion Tools)
    Link Expander & Decrypter (ProductivityKonwerter (Conversion Tools)
    Toy Theater (Creativity Tools)
    LiveGap Charts (ProductivityTools)Lingro Dictionary (Productivity Tools)
    Tozzl (Collaboration Tools)
    LogoTypeMaker (CreativityLink Expander & Decrypter (Productivity Tools)
    TubeChop (Multimedia Tools)
    Loose Leaves (Collaboration Tools)LiveGap Charts (ProductivityTools)
    Tuxpi Photo Editor (Photo/Image Tools)
    Loupe (Photo/ImageLogoTypeMaker (Creativity Tools)
    uMark Online (Photo/Image Tools)
    Lunapic (Photo/ImageLoose Leaves (Collaboration Tools)
    unfurlr (Productivity Tools)
    Make a ThumbnailLoupe (Photo/Image Tools)
    v.gd (Productivity Tools)
    Make Beliefs Comix (CreativityLunapic (Photo/Image Tools)
    Video Grabber (Multimedia Tools)
    Media.io (ConversionMake a Thumbnail (Photo/Image Tools)
    ViewPure (Multimedia Tools)
    MeetingWords (CollaborationMake Beliefs Comix (Creativity Tools)
    Vocaroo (Multimedia Tools)
    MergeFiles.esMedia.io (Conversion Tools)
    VozMe (Multimedia Tools)
    Mindmap ((ProductivityMeetingWords (Collaboration Tools)
    Web Resizer (Photo/Image Tools)
    Mindmup (ProductivityMergeFiles.es (Conversion Tools)
    Web Screenshots (Productivity Tools)
    mQR - must Qrcode (CollaborationMindmap ((Productivity Tools)
    Web Whiteboard (Collaboration Tools)
    New OCR (ConverrsionMindmup (Productivity Tools)
    Webcapture (Productivity Tools)
    Newspaper Clipping Generator (ProductivitymQR - must Qrcode (Collaboration Tools)
    Website Evaluator (Productivity Tools)
    NGAKids Art Zone (Photo/ImageNew OCR (Converrsion Tools)
    WePaste.com (Collaboration Tools)
    Notebookcast (CollaborationNewspaper Clipping Generator (Productivity Tools)
    Where Does the Link Go (Productivity Tool)
    OCR Space (ConversionNGAKids Art Zone (Photo/Image Tools)
    Whiteboard (Collaboration Tools)
    Office Convert (ConversionNotebookcast (Collaboration Tools)
    Word Cloud Generator (Creativity Tools)
    Online Audio Converter (123apps)OCR Space (Conversion Tools)
    Word Clouds (Creativity Tools)
    Online Audio Cutter (123apps) (MultimediaOffice Convert (Conversion Tools)
    Word Search Labs (Productivity Tools)
    Online Audio JoinerConverter (123apps) (Multimedia(Conversion Tools)
    Wordle (Creativity Tools)
    Online Chart Tool (ProductivityAudio Cutter (123apps) (Multimedia Tools)
    WorksheetsWorks.com (Productivity Tools)
    Online Convert (ConversionAudio Joiner (123apps) (Multimedia Tools)
    Wordsift (Creativity Tools)
    Online Image Resizer (Photo/ImageChart Tool (Productivity Tools)
    Write Rhymes (Productivity Tools)
    Online OCRConvert (Conversion Tools)
    YT Cropper (Multimedia Tools)
    Online Image Resizer (Photo/Image Tools)
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  3. page Off Site Examples edited ... LOOSE LEAVES: Instructions on embedding audio and video on a wikipage PAGEORAMA: List of pres…
    LOOSE LEAVES: Instructions on embedding audio and video on a wikipage
    PAGEORAMA: List of presentations 2009-2012
    TACKK: Screenshot of original Tackk page showing a collage of tree mushroom pictures with explanation
    TOZZL: Sample pinboard with links, and Tozzl hints.
    WEPASTE.COM: Simple list of no registration criteria (Password - ICECOLD)
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    10:22 pm
  4. file tackk screenshot with webcapture.jpeg (deleted) uploaded Deleted File
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  5. page NO Registration Necessary edited ... PageOrama Quickly create a web page that requires no more than adding your own words to the u…
    Quickly create a web page that requires no more than adding your own words to the url http://pageorama.com/?p. If future editing is planned than an emailaddress is required. Example
    Create a simple web page with pictures, audio, or video and text. With no registration, page expires in 7 days, but with web capture tools save the page as a jpg and upload to the web. Example using Fotor and Webcapture.net Chrome app available

    WePaste.com - The Internet Clipboard
    Create a page title (added to http://wepaste.com), enter content, and save your page. Be sure the name you give your page uses no spaces. Password protect if desired but be aware the page becomes editable. Example (Password hint think mini-conference host)
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Sunday, January 7

  1. page Video Resources edited ... Learn It In 5 (How-to videos for the technology classroom) Learner.org Learners TV (Free Vi…
    Learn It In 5 (How-to videos for the technology classroom)
    Learners TV (Free Video Lectures)
    Library of Congress Webcasts
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    11:47 pm
  2. page Video Resources edited ... National Geographic Channel Video Be sure to checkout Richard Byrne's 40+ Alternatives to You…
    National Geographic Channel Video
    Be sure to checkout Richard Byrne's 40+ Alternatives to YouTube
    Updated August 25, 2017Sites verified January 8, 2018
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    10:12 pm

Friday, October 13

  1. page No Registration Photo Examples edited ... {Pixlr_exampleR.jpg} After Picture was cropped and enhanced with contrast,sponge tool, clone …
    {Pixlr_exampleR.jpg} After
    Picture was cropped and enhanced with contrast,sponge tool, clone stamp and text in Pixlr Advanced.
    collage was created
    for web.
    {pizap_moon 1.jpg}
    {pizap_moon 2.jpg}

    quickpicQuick Picture Tools
    {QicPic_Examples in Fotojet.jpg}
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    2:40 pm