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Two entries are made below for each example, one with an audio player and one a link to the actual file on my wiki. This is to make the multimedia examples available no matter what the mobile browser or device. When Flash player is recognized there usually is no problem, where such files are not layed or recognized by the mobile browser or the device, ie. Google Chrome and Apple.




Link to CutMp3 example
A selection of Sleigh Ride

Dirpy - Video to mp3

Link to DIrpy example | Original YouTube Video

Font de music

URL to example - slow to load

From Text to Speech

Female Voice

Link to Female Voice Example

Male Voice

Link to Male Voice Example

Imgflip Video to Gif

imgflip gif 2.gif

Online Audio Cutter (123apps)

Link to Online Audio Cutter Example | Fleetwood Mac “Don’t Stop Thinking.”

Online Audio Cutter & Joiner (123apps)

Joining about 20 seconds each of "At the Hop", "The Twist", "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow"

Link to Online Audio Cutter & Joiner Example

Online Voice Recorder (123apps)

Link to Online Voice Recorder Example


Pixiclip URL

Screencast-o-Matic Movie

Indenting Your Wiki Page

Link to Screencast-o-Matic.flv Example | Link to Screencast-o-Matic.mp4 Example (converted from original flv)

TubeChop Movie

Link to Example on TubeChop (Cut to 41 seconds)
Original YouTube Movie - Santa Fe Convention Center (Originally 5:35 minutes)|


ViewPure version |Original YouTube Movie - Web 2.0

Vocaroo Audio

Link to Vocaroo.wav Example

VozMe Audio

Link to Vozme Example
VozMe can also allow viewers to highlight text on your website, click a button and hear back the text they highlighted. To find out more visit VozMe.com and click on Add Speech to Your Website at the bottom of the page. Highlight this text, click the button below, and see how it works.


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Fleetwood Mac. “Don’t Stop Thinking.” Get Ready, Here Comes the 70’s. Shout Factory, 2007.
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