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With the announcement by Wikispaces that they will be closing July 31, 2018 I've relocated my No Registration Web 2.0 content to my new site L. Houle's Ed Tools https://www.lhouleedtools.com. This wiki is no longer updated. If you have questions please fill out my Google form.

When working with K-8 students we must be concerned for students' privacy and anonymity. Most Web 2.0 sites require registration or allow teachers to set up class accounts. These extra steps to set up educational accounts takes time that's hard to locate in your busy day. Surely too a majority of us are tired of remembering are own usernames and passwords let alone keeping track of those of our students. Below are sites that do not require username, email or password. Sites were tested and whenever possible examples provided. Since 2010 the list has grown from 38 to 263. Whenever there is an app available for other devices it is noted. Students have the advantage knowing they have similar choices to tools they available at school so learning, collaborating, integrating, and publishing continues anytime, anywhere.

To view and interact with each of the sites below visit my NO REGISTRATION LIVEBINDER

Creativity | Collaboration | Conversion | Multimedia | Photo/Imaging | Presentation | Productivity

Creativity Tools

10 pixel.gif10 pixel.gifArt Fun | Avatar Creators | Posters | Sign/Text Generators | Word Clouds
  • ABCya! Animate
    Create an animation online with as many as 40 frames and save it to your computer (Requires Flash) Example iPad version available.
  • Art Fun

    • ABCya Paint
      Free online painting program for K-5 with lots of cool tools for coloring, drawing and painting.
    • Bomomo
      Cool abstract art generator. Works only with Firefox and Safari. Click here for a site introduction from Nik's Quick Shout Blog.
    • DrawIsland
      Create simple animation gifs or just draw and paint Animation Example iPhone and iPad version available.
    • Draw.to
      Draw anything with the simple interface then share, embed or save your art work. You also can publish a drawing to their gallery. Example
    • Editor Method: Site offers easy to use tools for drawing and sketching with text, imported images, shapes, and colors. Save as an SVG or export as a PNG. NEW
    • Editor Method: Site offers easy to use tools for drawing and sketching with text, imported images, shapes, and colors. Save as an SVG or export as a PNG. NEW
    • Flame Painter
      Part of the "I am an artist experimental project, take your choice of color, brush size, opacity, etc. and design an artistic creation. (Requires Java) Mac, Windows, and iPad/iPhone versions available at a cost.
    • Flipanim
      Create animated flipbooks with a choice of tools, number of pages, speed, and transparency options and save as animated gifs. Example
    • iPaint
      An online comparable version to desktop MS Paint using javascript and HTML5. iPad/IPod version at a cost. iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad version available
    • Kleki
      Paint or edit images in your web browser. Chrome app available
    • Picascii
      Make photos and pictures into cool ascii art in text or html format
    • Queeky Paint
      Online painting tools with a full featured list of drawing tools (Works well with mobile devices)
    • Sketchpad 3.7
      Drawing/painting application to create art using a variety of drawing tools including text as well as basic drawing utilities.Chrome app available
    • Slimber
      Online drawing application with a variety of tools to draw, replay and save your work.
    • Toy Theater's Doodle Pad
      Simple and easy drawing pad with choice of pencil size and color.
  • Avatar Creators

  • Cartoon Makers

  • Crunchzilla
    "Code Monster, Code Maven, and Game Maven are interactive tutorials where kids and adults can play with code, experiment, build, and learn."
  • DaFont
    Locate and download fonts. (careful)
  • Flash-Gear
    Uses flash for photo effects, creating puzzles, and a variety of other fun activities that can be posted to the web.
    Click here to view a sample Flash-Gear puzzle. (Requires Flash)
  • Posters

    • Automotivator
      Make your own motivational posters. Example
    • Block Poster
      Upload a jpg or gif picture and make a poster as large as you like.
    • Quozio
      Create beautiful image posters showing a quote and who coined it. Chose from a large number of backgrounds. Example
    • Recite
      Turn a quote into an artistic masterpiece using a large variety of backgrounds. Example
  • Sign-Text Generators

  • Snap (Build Your Own Blocks)
    A reimplementation of Scratch using visual drag and drop programming language from the University of California at Berkeley
  • Word Clouds

    • ABC-ya! Word Clouds
      Easy word cloud creator for grades 2 and up (Requires Flash) Example
    • TagCrowd
      Simplistic word cloud creator, just add text and click visualize. Offers embed code which, for looks, needs editing - full-screen print, or pdf. Example - screenshot done in Szoter | Example - pdf
    • Tagxedo
      Make a tag cloud with style. Use any words, a web site, a letter, etc. and choose your shape, color, orientation
      and font. (Requires Silverlight) Example
    • Word Cloud Generator
      Enter URL or paste text, make appearance choices and see instant results then download as png or svg. Example
    • Wordclouds
      Enter URL, copy and paste text, or upload a document and choose your theme, shape, size, font, and direction. Example
    • Wordle
      (Requires Java)
    • Wordsift
      Visualize text, creating a word cloud from which you can connect images and words and synonyms to deepen understanding
    Check out 200 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom by Michael Gorman

Collaboration Tools

10 pixel.gif10 pixel.gifChat | File Sharing | Polls | QR Codes | Share Links | Web Publishing | Whiteboards
  • Chat

    • Appear.in
      Setup a room, allow access to your webcam and microphone and invite up to 7 people to have a video conversation. iOS and Android apps available
    • Disposable Chat
      Give your chat room a name, password if you wish, invite others and chat. The room is deleted 2 minutes after the last person leaves the 'room'.
    • TodaysMeet
      Embrace back channel, name your room, set time when data expires, and encourage your audience to participate in live streaming during presentations.
  • File Sharing

    • File Dropper
      Upload any file up to 5 GB. The resulting URL is www.filedropper.com plus the actual name of your file less the extension.
      It remains available as long as you download the file once every 30 days.
    • Justbeamit
      Simply drag and drop a file onto the webpage and an easy 5 letter/number is added to justbeamit.com. Share the URL and the file waits for download and is gone. Recently upgraded and works well now including a file extension. Android and Chrome app available
    • Senduit
      Upload a file to share, set amount of time it's available before being deleted from servers, and get private link to share.
  • Polls

    • AnswerGarden
      "Plant a Question, Grow an Answer" - minimalistic feedback tool (*Requires Flash) Example iPad version available
    • Poll Junkie
      With the ability to create more than one question, create a poll that you can link to voting page, result page, or embed poll on a webpage. Prevents a 2nd vote Poll Junkie Screenshot Video. Poll example
    • Pollcode
      Ask a question, choose up to 30 answers, design your poll's look, and get html code for embedding on your website or a poll link. Example
    • Pollmaker
      Create a poll, share and get live reporting in the form of clear concise graphs. Example
10 pixel.gif10 pixel.gifCheckout Teacher's Guide to Polling in the Classroom by Pamela DeLoatch
  • QR Codes

    • Beautiful QR Codes
      Customize QR codes selecting colors, pixel size and effects. Example
    • mQR - Must QRcode
      Creative QR code design for text, vcards, events, websites, email, phone calls, SMS, WiFi, and geographical coordinates Examples
    • Online QR Code Decoder
      No QR reader for your device or need a web based reader? The decoder reads a QR code's URL location or an uploaded code image..
    • QR Code Generator
      Generate a QR image for a URL, message, SMS, phone number or email address - any content can be made into a QR code. Examples Chrome app available
    • QRCode Monkey
      Create QR codes for 12 options from URL to wifi, chose colors, and if saved as a png add a logo to your QR code for a great theme. Example Chrome app available
    • QR Stuff
      Create QR codes for over 20 different data types and smartphone actions with a source that created their own algorithm for unique QR codes. Example
    • Small QR
      Simple QR code creator for web URLs. Example
10 pixel.gif10 pixel.gifCheck out 50 QR Code Resources for the Classroom from Charlie Osborne at ZDNet or Steven Anderson's Livebinder QR Codes in Education
  • Share Links (Curation)

    • Bounce
      Quickly annotate any web page, share, and allow others to update and add their own. Example
    • BridgeURL
      One URL for multiple URLs in a slide show format. Example
    • Brief.ly
      Enter URL's to bundle and share, select descriptors, click the scissors and get a URL to share for a slideshow of sites. Example
  • Web Publishing

    • JustPaste.It
    • Share text with images in an easy word processor that allows importing a file or saving to PDF. You create the name of your document,which creates a location on justpaste.it. Once published you have either a URL to share for viewing or a URL to share for collaborative editing.
    • Kl1p Online Notepad
      Create a note, rich text document, computer code, sketch or upload a document of image. An editable webpage is available to anyone unless locked with username and password. Accessible on any device, as a Chrome extension (Firefox coming) or Mac widget. QR codes available. Click here to go to the website Click here to use the QR code to access the page.
    • Loose Leaves
      A simple web editor provides a place to leave your thoughts with a design created to be responsive to mobile devices. Provides a URL for editing and a URL for sharing. Example page
    • PageOrama
      Quickly create a web page that requires no more than adding your own words to the url http://pageorama.com/?p. If future editing is planned than an emailaddress is required. Example
    • WePaste.com - The Internet Clipboard
      Create a page title (added to http://wepaste.com), enter content, and save your page. Be sure the name you give your page uses no spaces. Password protect if desired but be aware the page becomes editable. Example (Password hint think mini-conference host)
  • Whiteboards

    • CoSketch
      Online multi-user whiteboard
    • MeetingWords
      Set up a public collaborative text pad - with the ability to create your own web address. More than one person can edit with changes reflected immediately by color coding of author's name. Save to the web and access is indefinite unless not used after 7 days.
    • Notebookcast
      Shared online whiteboard for up to ten users allowing writing, sketching, drawing, adding pictures chat and ability to save for later use.
    • Primary Pad
      Web based collaborative document editor for up to 15 users in a safe environment, only those with the URL have access,
    • Scrumblr
      A simple collaborative whiteboard using a format of index cards and columns for organization.
    • Stoodle
      Collaborate on an online whiteboard using text, pictures, and drawings as well as with microphone real time audio collaboration
    • Tozzl
      A pinboard that provides for collaboration of content including links, files, video and more. Creating a Tozzl Movie Slideshow on Creating a Tozzl. Example
    • Web Whiteboard
      Emulates a whiteboard with stickies and pens for drawing, writing, collaborating and sharing. Your work is saved not eliminated.(Requires Java)
    • Whiteboard (AWW)
      A web whiteboard app for computer, tablet or smartphone for drawing, collaboration and sharing.

Conversion Tools

  • General Converters | Multimedia Converters | OCR Converters | Productivity PDF Tools
  • General Coverters

    • Convert PDF to Word Converter
      Convert PDF documents to word, text, html, or image or reverse word, text, html or image to PDF.
    • DocsPal Online File Converter
      Converts all kind of documents, video, audio, images, e-books and archives and allows viewing in your browser
    • DocuPub
      Converts documents to PDF or image format including files from Microsoft Works, WordPerfect, Lotus, Microsoft Office and a large number of image formats
    • Konwerter
      Converts documents, images, ebooks, and pdf's. Delete your files at conclusion of process.
    • MergeFiles.es
      Combine/merge multiple files of varying formats. Choose output to PDF, doc, Excel, Powerpoint (Coming), and MP3. Files retained only temporarily.
    • Online Converter
      Free audio, video, image, document, e-book, and hash generator.
    • pdf2x
      Scieweavers' pdf conversion tool that extracts images from pdfs, converts pdf to thumbnails, text or postcscript, divides a pdf into single pages or repairs if possible damaged pdf files.
    • pdf4Kindle.com
      Convert pdf documents to mobi or azw. Supports Mac, Windows, or Linux. Also available as Chrome extension.
    • Smallpdf
      Suite of tools to compress, merge, split, unlock and convert images to and from pdf, and Word-Excel-PPT to pdf. Available as 7 individual Chrome extensions
    • ToePub: the Free Online ePub Converter
      Formerly 2ePub. Convert suitable doc, docx, epub, fb2, html, lit, lrf, mobi, odt, pdb, pdf, prc, rtf and txt files to epub, fb2, lit, lrf or mobi.
  • Multimedia Converters

    • Apowersoft Free Video to MP3 Converter
      Video to MP3 converter of online video files or streaming video as well as support for MAC and Windows video.
    • i2img
      One of Sciweavers tools supporting and converting the following formats:PG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PBM, PGM, PPM, WMF, SGI, PDF, EPS, FIG, PS, SVG, RGB Sciweavers Chrome apps available
    • Media.io
      Online audio converter that converts nearly 30 file types.
    • Online Audio Converter (123apps)
      Part of the suite of tools from 123apps. Convert a wide variety of formats, convert multiple files at once and extract audio from video. Chrome app available
  • OCR Converters

    • i2OCR
      Sciweavers' online OCR tool to extract text from images in 60 + languages and allows for unlimited uploads. Extracts text from images so that it can be edited, formatted, indexed, searched, or translated. Example with Comparison to Online OCR Sciweavers Chrome apps available
    • NewOCR
      Online OCR service analyzing uploaded or online images for text, recognizes 58 languages, and outputs to a doc, pdf, or txt file.
    • OCR Space
      Converts scans or (smartphone) images of text documents into editable files and download results as Text. Example
    • Online OCR
      Extracts text from PDFs and images in 46 languages to Word, Excel or Text formats. Example with Comparison to i2OCR

Multimedia Tools

10 pixel.gif10 pixel.gifAudio Tools | Movie Making | Video Tools | Voice Tools
  • Audio Tools

  • Movie Making

    • Bloggif
      Turn a video into an animated gif. Example
    • Imgflip VIdeo to Gif Generator
      Upload a video 35MB or smaller, select starting and ending points, speed, and size to create an animated gif. Chose private to download video or it appears in the public gallery. Example
    • Pixiclip
      Interactive whiteboard for sharing audio and visual messages, images, or drawings. Since you only get a URL for your Pixiclip, if you want to download a copy try capturing it with Screencast-O-Matic or ScreenCastle. Example
    • Screencast-O-Matic
      Free online screen recorder allowing up to 15 minutes record time and export to movie file or upload to YouTube. (Requires acceptance of a java applet.) Example
  • Video Tools
    • Grab Tube
      Download video from YouTube, Daily Motion, Google Video etc. or upload your own video and convert formats.
    • SafeShare.TV
      Share YouTube video without the distracting extras, just the video itself which can be cropped to share just what you want. Example
      Original Link
    • TubeChop
      Enter the url or search term, find a YouTube video, cut out just the part you want, share it, embed it, email it. Example
    • Video Grabber
      Grabs video for download from 40 video sites.
    • ViewPure
      View YouTube videos without any comments, suggestions, links etc. Example
    • YTCropper
      TubeChop like application to cut out a portion of a YouTube video for sharing. Example
  • Voice Tools

    • From Text to SpeechConvert text to speech with options to select from 5 languages (plus British English), male or female voice, and speed. Listen to your result and/or download the mp3. No limitations of size is noted on the site. Examples
    • Online Voice Recorder (123apps)
      Simple voice recording tool, have your microphone ready. Example Chrome app available
    • QRVoice
      Enter text and get a QR code when read provides an audio version of your text message. Example QR Code and voice message (.tts file captured and converted to mp3
    • Vocaroo
      Record your message then send via email, embed on a web page or save to your computer. Vocaroo deletes anonymous messages after 2 months. Example
    • VozMe
      Enter text you and want read and create an mp3 to download or add to your website. Example

Photo-Imaging Tools

10 pixel.gif10 pixel.gifAdd Text | Animated Gifs | Collage Tools | Image Resizing | Photo Editors | Photo Specialities
  • Add Text To Photos

  • Animated Gifs

    • Free Gifmaker (formerly Loogix)
      Upload photos, select size and speed and generate animation. Example
    • Gickr
      Create a gif animation from uploaded pictures as well as from Flickr or even YouTube video. Example
    • gifmake
      Create animated gifs with options for image resizing and speed. Example
    • gifmaker.me
      Create animated gifs, slideshows and video from your choice of images, even add music. Example
    • GifUp
      Take pictures from webcam, computer, flickr or web and create animated gifs. Example
    • Imgflip Images to Gif Generator
      Upload photos, determine size, speed, select private for download, and generate an animated gif. Example
    • Picasion
      Upload or import pictures (from Picasa or Flickr) to create an animated gif. Example
  • Collage Tools

    • BeFunky
      Edit photos, add artistic effects and go funky with design goodies, newly added is their collage maker. Example iPhone Android and Chrome apps available.
    • Fotonea
      Upload up to 6 photos, select background, add text, arrange and size photos and create a collage to save. (Requires Flash) Example
    • Fotor
      Robust program offer a variety of photo editing, HDR photography, photo collage, and photo card options. iPhone, Android and Chrome apps available
    • Fotojet
      Online collage creator with a variety of classic or creative templates in a variety of categories. Chrome app available Example
    • Loupe
      Upload photos, chose from a variety of shapes, and create a collage of your photos. Click lock symbol to make your collage private and then download. Free version creates a watermark. Chrome app available plus Mac, Windows, and Linux desktop versions Example
    • Photo Collage
      Simple collage tool, choose size, add images, organize, add text, and save. Collage Example | Collage/Thinglink Example
    • Photocat
      Photo editing tool for editing and/or retouching images and creating collages all including a variety of enhancement tools. Example
    • Photojoiner
      Upload multiple photos to create a photo strip Example
    • Photovisi
      Make a collage - upload your photos, save and download to print. Suggest picture be limited to wallet size Example Chrome app available
    • Pixlr
      Choose express, playful or advanced editor; create, upload capture from webcam or provide image URLs; crop, resize, rotate, use layers, work with filters and colors;, even create a collage in express version. Examples iPhone, Android and Chrome apps available
    • Ribbet
    • Labeled as a replacement for Picnik, Ribbet, provides access to a variety of basic editing functions, effects, frames, and text to work with a single photo or a collage. Example Chrome apps available
  • Crop and Resize

    • Cropp.me
      Offers 9 different sizes of crops or customize width and height. Upload more than one picture and get a zipped file of all your cropped pictures to download. Limit to 5 images a day. Examples
    • Croppola
      Upload one or more images, choose aspect ration and Croppola automatically suggests crop of picture. Downloads as a zip file. iPhone/iPad app available. Example
    • CutMyPicClip section of your photo, add effects, corners, shadow, etc. and save. Note: Limits size of uploaded photo. Example
    • ImageSplitter
      Convert, resize, crop, or split an image. Each option saves your file. The split option creating a zip file archiving each slice Example
    • Online Image Resizer
      Resize, crop, rotate, add text, or effects. Example
    • Pic Resize
      Easily crop, resize and edit your images with choices for quick resize, or resizing multiple pictures of clipboard pastes with the ability to rotate and add special effects. Example
    • Resize Your Image
      Easily crop an uploaded image. Example
    • Resizeimage.net
      Crop, resize and optimize your images. Example
    • Rsizr
      Intelligent image resizing including retargeting, rescaling and cropping. Examples
    • Shrink Pictures
      Upload a picture, resize it by percent, pixels, or custom designate. The final result stays on their server for 2 hours then deleted or after saving delete it yourself. Example
    • Web Resizer
      Upload images which are automatically resized by percentage, with the ability to crop, frame, and enhance the result. Example produced for Pixiclip
    • To better understand megapixels and picture print size view an article from Digicamhelp
  • Photo Editors

    • BeFunky
      Edit photos, add artistic effects and go funky with design goodies, newly added is their collage maker. ExampleiPhone Android and Chrome apps available.
    • Citrify
      Free photo editor with a variety of effect tools and the ability to enhance your photos. (Requires Flash)
    • FotoFlexer
      Advanced photo effect editor includes 34 effects, fonts, shapes, doodling, distortions, retouch, layers and even morphing with the option to work on the site in 14 different languages. Example
    • Fotor
      Robust program offer a variety of photo editing, HDR photography, photo collage, and photo card options. iPhone, Android and Chrome apps available Example
    • Fotostars
      Edit and decorate photos with effects, filters, text, and more. Example
    • iPiccy
      Edit and adjust photos, use filters, color, painter, and/or text. Save or get share link (Requires Flash) Chrome app available
    • Lunapic
      Online image editing which includes paint tools, animation effects and photo editing, 100 cool effects and animations available.Example Chrome app available
    • Photocat
      Photo editing tool for editing and/or retouching images and creating collages all including a variety of enhancement tools. Example
    • Photoshop Express Editor
      From Photoshop comes an online free image editor requiring registration only if you wish to store, organize and create slide shows. Some elements of the editor require login. iPad/iPod and Android versions available
    • PicGhost
      Simple batch image editor, upload images or import from Facebook, Picassa or Flickr and resize, edit and watermark.
    • Pixenate
      Simple photo editing tool Example
    • Pixlr
      Choose express, playful or advanced editor; create, upload capture from webcam or provide image URLs; crop, resize, rotate, use layers, work with filters and colors;, even create a collage in express version. Examples iPhone, Android and Chrome apps available
    • Ribbet
    • Labeled as a replacement for Picnik, Ribbet, provides access to a variety of basic editing functions, effects, frames, and text to work with a single photo or a collage. Example Chrome apps available
    • Tuxpi Photo Editor
      Offers 50 different photo effects and photo frames to enhance and have fun with your pictures.(May be blocked for streaming media and bandwidth.) Example
  • Photo Specialities

Presentation Tools

  • 3D Galley Generator - Classtools.net
    Create a virtual exhibition of 10 exhibits using images and video with space to provide a title and description.
  • Autocue Free Teleprompter
    Copy or paste (better not to type directly in site's text box) set screen and font size and start presentation ready to read to your audience without starring down at your notes.
  • Beamium
    Broadcast and present PDF presentations in real time with total control over view of your audience. No registration PDFs are deleted from their server after 14 days.
  • Brainy Box - Classtools.net
    An animated cube like tool that allows you to upload images, video and audio as well as text. Example
  • CuePrompter
    Free online teleprompter that works within your browser with settings for screen size, font text/background colors and speed.
  • Pics.io
  • Share a live discussion of images/photos with your audience setting up your microphone, determining tools to use, creating a URL to share and once your audience is in their Chrome or Firefox video begin your presentaiion. Screenshot of a Live presentation, with hints.
  • Qwikslides - Classtools.net
    From Classtools.net create a quick and easy slide show with text, images and video. Example
  • Screencast-O-Matic
    Free online screen recorder allowing up to 15 minutes record time and export to movie file or upload to YouTube
    (Requires acceptance of a java applet.) Example

Productivity Tools

10 pixel.gif10 pixel.gifCharts-Diagrams-Mindmaps | Map Tools | PDF Tools | Plagiarism Checkers | Printing | Puzzles |
10 pixel.gif10 pixel.gifResearch | Screenshots | URLs | Writing
  • Alphabetizer
    Create a list and let Alphabetizer do the work and includes the ability to remove HTML, ignore articles, capitalize and lowercase words and phrases, ignore case, order names, last names, and more.
  • Badge Maker
  • Create digital recognition with the easy to use tool to create badges, buttons and logos. Example
  • Charts, Diagrams, & Mindmaps

    • Archimy.com - 3D Function Online
      A service for drawing the graphs of all kinds of functions. (Also has downloadable software)
    • ChartGo
      Easily create a chart with multiple options of color, font, size, titles, etc. Available in English, Spanish and French. Results provide links or embed code. Once completed have choice of changing to a different type of chart. Available in 3D. Example
    • Chartico
      Simple online bar chart creator Example
    • Create a Graph
      Presented by the National Council for Education Statistics. Chose design, enter data and labels, save and/or print. (Requires Flash) Example
    • Draw.io
      Using a drag and drop system of pictures and shapes create diagrams or mindmaps. Allows your diagram to be saved to your computer for uploading again to continue your work. (Formerly called Diagramly and Diagrams Online) Example Chrome app available
    • Graphity Diagram Editor
      Offers limited number of shapes, modern shapes, relationships, flowchart, connections, and custom elements with grey and orange coloration. Save as a graphml file or a png graphic. File can be uploaded back for more editing. Integrates with Google Drive. Example
    • Hohli Online Chart Builder
      Create bar, line, pie, venn, scatter plots, or radar charts with size, colors, spacing options. Save as image, get an embed code for a wiki or link with a URL to your final chart. Example
    • LiveGap Charts
      In online simplified spreadsheet, enter data, customize and create a variety of charts. Formerly Chart Builder. Example
    • mindmaps
      HTML5 mind mapping application in your browser Example
    • Mindmup
      Simple mindmapping tool, create sibling or child nodes, color, organize, and save as text, mindmup, htlml or image to your computer or Google Drive Example iPhone/iPad and Chrome apps available
    • Online Chart Tool
      Create a chart (bar, line, area, pie, XY, Radar, scatter, bubble, meter, bar/line or pyramid) easily step by step with ability to go back and revise to set the exact chart want. Example
    • Piecolor
      Select number of pieces, values, names, and options to create color pie charts. Example
  • ClassTools.net
    Create interactive games, activities and diagrams with Flash.
  • Jeopardy Labs
    Build your own jeopardy game template or use others already created without PowerPoint, registration, or fees
  • Map Tools

    • Scribble Maps
      Using Google Maps draw, mark, create, custom maps. First view of Scribble Map contains a box of options and a login.
      Click the X in the upper right corner to close the box. Example
  • Newspaper Clipping Generator
    Create your own newspaper front page headline and story. Example
  • PDF Tools

    • FoxyUtils for PDF
      Select one of 4 PDF tools - Merge,Split, Unlock or Protect
    • iLovePDF
      Merge up to 10 pdf files to the limit of 80MB or extract/split 2 pdf files up to 10MB. (Requires Java and Flash) Chrome app available
    • PDFaid NEW
      Find all the tools you need for PDF manipulation.
    • PDFEscape
      Online PDF editor and form filler Chrome app available
    • PDFMergy
      Upload pdf files or select from your Google Drive, put in order, then merge Chrome app available
    • PDFOnlineReader
      Upload a pdf to highlight, annotate, and hyperlink.
    • RotatePDF
      Upload a PDF you wish to be permanently rotated clockwise or counterclockwise, view and/or download your PDF.
    • Sedja
      Advanced pdf manipulation tool: merge, split, decrpyt, encrypt, rotate, extract, convert to jpg and more. Chrome app available
    • Smallpdf
      Suite of tools to compress, merge, split, unlock and convert images to and from pdf, and Word-Excel-PPT to pdf. Available as 7 individual Chrome apps
  • Plagiarism Checkers

    • Duplichecker
      Free online software for plagiarism detection. Unregistered users limited to 3 searches per day.
    • ImageCodr.org
      To give correct attribution when using Creative Commons Flickr images, enter URL and get html to use on your webpage. Screenshot
    • Plagiarism Checker
      Free and easy detector, copy and paste or upload word document.
    • Plagiarism Checker SEO
      Type or paste text from a document or website to find if plagiarized text can be find anywhere on the web. (Site does contain advertising)
    • Plagiarisma.net
      Limit of 5000 characters unless chose to register Chrome and Android apps and Windows download available
    • PlagTracker
      Limit of 500 characters but provides feedback with highlights and list of sources.
    • TinEye Reverse Image Search
      Upload a picture or enter a URL and find the original source of an image. Chrome extension available
  • Posters are now under Creativity
  • Printing

    • Print Friendly & PDF
      Cleans and formats webpages without navigation and web junk, and if chosen no images, for printing , PDF or email. Chrome extension available
    • PrintWhatYouLike
      Enter a URL and select the parts of the web page you wish to print. Can also be set as a bookmarklet. Example (pdf) Chrome extension available
  • Puzzle, Quiz and Test Makers

  • ReadWriteThink Interactives

10 pixel.gif10 pixel.gif10 pixel.gifAll ReadWriteThink interactives for best viewing need: Adobe Reader, Flashplayer, Shockwave Player and Quicktime Player.
    • Cube Creator
      Visual thinking tool from ReadWriteThink for creating a biography, mystery, story, or topic planning sheet. Can be saved and reloaded for ongoing work. The final result is downloadable in pdf format. Example
    • FlipBook
      Type and illustrate tabbed flip books up to ten pages for note taking, picture books, fact collecting, or question and answer booklets.
    • Postcard Creator
    • Printing Press
      Create and print out a flyer, newspaper, brochure or booklet.
    • Story Mapping
      4 templates allow for writing development in graphic organizer form of character, setting, conflict and resolution. Example
    • Student Interactives
      Browse available interactives arranged by Organizing & Summarizing, Inquiry & Analysis, Writing Poetry, Writing &
      Publishing Prose,and Learning About Language.
    • Timeline
      Simple graphical representation timeline organized by date, time or event. Example Android and iOS apps available
    • Webbing Tool
      Create free form graphic organizers. Final graphic can only be printed out not saved.
  • Research Helpers

    • Article Summarizer
      Pulls important topics and key arguments and displays summaries for any text.
    • Automatic Text Summarizer
      Using extraction summary pulls most important points of the original document.
    • Diffen
      Chart based comparison tool.
    • Lingro Dictionary
      Enter a URL to get all the words on the page clickable for a definition of the word
    • Website Evaluator (Easybib)
      From the Imagine Easy Academy comes a handy online tool for evaluating the quality of a website on purpose, authority, accuracy, relevance and currency. By answering a series of questions students evaluate and come to their conclusion as to acceptability of a website for research.
    • Thesisbuilder
      Online tool to find a topic, create a thesis statement, and generate an outline
  • Rewordify
    Enter text or URL for help with vocabulary and comprehension >>with the simplification of words and definition for lower reading level.
  • Screenshots of Webpages

  • Short and Long URLs

    • bit.ly
      Just create a shortened URL or sign in with Facebook, Twitter or bit.ly account. Chrome app available
    • Link Expander and Decrypter
      Unshortens any URL from over 100 shortening services and responds with full URL, title, description, keywords, safety and page screenshot.
    • Tiny URL
      Shorten long URL's to share
    • unfurlr
      Enter short URL for information on the original URL with analysis of source and browser.
    • v.gd
      Noted on the site as 'the ethical URL shortener' when a v.gd URL is used it goes an extra step by first showing the long URL and giving the option to follow the link or not. V.gd's sister site is.gd skips this step.
    • Where Does This Link Go
      Enter a shortened URL to find out where it will take you.
  • Sketchometry
    A geometry play ground that works in any browser and on any device.
  • Tableizer
    Turn any Excel file into an HTML table to share on the web. See table below. or Data Example
  • Writing-Text Tools

    • After the Deadline
      Language checker for spelling, grammar and style.
    • Hemingway Editor
      Improve your writing with visual feedback on errors, style, wordiness, sentence construction and more.
    • Paperrater
      Free spell checker, grammar checker, plagiarism detector and writer analyzer
    • ShortText
      Post information to the web even without a blog or web page, make it private or public, get a URL to post for access.
    • Shutterborg Word Processor
      Online word processor which allows you to create a new document or open one from the web. Opening from file is under development.
    • Slick Write
      Customize this free tool for grammar checking, stylistic errors and more.
    • Text Compactor
      Automatic text summarization tool. Example
    • Write Rhymes

Updated March 22, 2018

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123apps (Conversion/Multimedia Tools) Online OCR (Conversion Tools)
3D Gallery Generator-Classtools.net (Presentation Tools) Online QR Code Decoder
ABC-ya Animation for Kids (Creativity Tools) Online Voice Recorder (123apps) (Multimedia Tools)
ABCya Paint (Creativity Tools) Otaku Avatar Maker (Creativity Tools)
ABC-ya! Word Clouds (Creativity Tools) PageOrama (Collaboration Tools)
Add Text (Photo/Image Tools) Paperrater (Productivity Tools)
After the Deadline (Productivity Tools) PDF Mergy (Productivity Tools)
Alphabetizer (Productivity Tools) PDFaid (Productivity Tools)
AnswerGarden (Collaboration Tools) PDFescape (Productivity Tools)
Apowersoft Free Video to mp3 Converter (Conversion Tools) PDFOnlineReader (Productivity Tools)
Appear.in (Collaboration Tools) Photocat (Photo/Image Tools)
Archimy - 3D Function Online (Productivity Tools) PhotoCollage (Photo/Image Tools)/
Article Summarizer (Productivity Tools) PhotoJoiner (Photo/Image Tools)
Audiotool - Tonematrix (Multimedia Tools) Photoshop Express Editor (Photo/Image Tools)
Autocue Free Teleprompter (Presentation Tools) Photovisi (Photo/Image Tools)
Automatic Text Summarizer (Productivity Tools) Pic Resize (Photo/Image Tools)
Automotivator (Creativity Tools) Picascii (Creativity Tools)
Badge Maker (Productivity Tools) Picasion (Photo/Image Tools)
Bart Simpson Chalkboard Generator (Creativity Tools) PicFont (Photo/Image Tools)
Beamium (Presentation Tools) PicGhost (Photo/Image Tools)
Beautiful QR Codes (Collaboration Tools) Pickmarkr (Photo/Image Tools)
BeFunky (Photo/Image Tools) Pics.io (Presentation Tools)
bit.ly (Productivty Tools) Piecolor (Productivity Tools)
Block Poster (Creativity Tools) Pixenate (Photo/Image Tools)
Bloggif (Multimedia Tools) Pixiclip (Multimedia Tools)
Bomomo (Creativity Tools) Pixlr (Photo/Image Tools)
Bounce (Collaboration Tools) Plagiarism Checker (Productivity Tools)
Brainy Box - Classtools.net (Presentation Tools) Plagiarism Checker (Productivity Tools)
BridgeURL (Collaboration Tools) Plagiarisma.net (Productivity Tools)
Brief.ly (Collaboration Tools) PlagScan (Productivity Tools)
BuiLD YourR WiLD SeLF (Creativity Tools) PlagTracker (Productivity Tools)
Captioner (Photo/Image Tools) Poll Junkie (Collaboration Tools)
Cartoon Maker (Creativity Tools) Poll Maker (Collaboration Tools)
Cartoon Photo (Photo/Image Tools) Pollcode (Collaboration Tools)
ChartGo (Productivity Tools) Portrait Illustration Maker (Creativity Tools)
Chartico (Productivity Tools) Primary Pad (Collaboration Tools)
Citrify (Photo/Image Tools) Printfriendly (Productivity Tools)
ClassTools (Productivity Tools) PrintWhatYouLike (Productivity Tools)
ClipYourPhotos (Photo/Image Tools) Puzzle-Maker (Productivity Tools)
Convert PDF to Word (Conversion Tools) Puzzlemaker at Discovery.com (Productivity Tools)
Cool Text Graphics Generator (Creativity Tools) QR Code Generator (Collaboration Tools)
CoSketch (Collaboration Tools) QR Droid Zapper (Collaboration Tools)
Create a Graph (Productivity Tools) QRCode Monkey (Collaboration Tools)
Cropp.me (Photo/Image Tools) QRStuff (Collaboration Tools)
Croppola (Photo/Image Tools) QRVoice (MultimediaTools)
Crunchzilla (Creativity Tools) Queeky Paint (Creativity Tools)
CuePrompter (Presentation Tools) Quick Picture Tools (Photo/Image Tools)
Cut MP3 Online Quozio (Creativity Tools)
CutMyPic (Photo/Image Tools) Qwikslides - Classtools.net (Presentation Tools)
DabbleDraw (Creativity Tools) ReadWriteThink Comic Creator (Creativity Tools)
DaFont (Creativity Tools) ReadWriteThink Cube Creator (Productivity Tools)
Diffen (Productivity Tools) ReadWriteThink Flip Book (Productivity Tools)
Dirpy (Multimedia Tools) ReadWriteThink Postcard Creator (Productivity Tools)
Disposable Chat (Collaboration Tools) ReadWriteThink Printing Press (Productivity Tools)
DocsPal Online File Converter (Conversion Tools) ReadWriteThink Story Map (Productivity Tools)
Docupub (Conversion Tools) ReadWriteThink Timeline (Productivity Tools)
DoppelMe (Creativity Tools) ReadWriteThink Webbing Tool (Productivity Tools)
Draw.io (Productivity Tools) Recite (Creativity Tools)
DrawIsland (Creativity Tools) Resize My Image (Photo/Image Tools)
Duplichecker (Productivty Tools) Resizeimage.net (Photo/Image Tools)
EasyPrompter (Presentation Tools) Resizr (Photo/Image Tools)
EasyStreet (Creativity Tools) Rewordify (Productivity Tools)
EdHelper Puzzles (Productivity Tools) Ribbet (Photo/Image Tools)
File Dropper (Collaboration Tools)
Flame Painter (Creativity Tools) RotatePDF (Productivity Tools)
Flash-Gear (Creativity Tools) SafeShare.TV (Multimedia Tools)
FlashVortext (Creativity Tools) Sciweavers pdf2x (Conversion Tools)
FlipAnim (Creativity Tools) Screencast-O-Matic (Multimedia/Presentation)
Font de Music (Multimedia Tools) Screenshot Machine (Productivity Tools)
FotoFlexor (Photo/Image Tools) Scribble Maps (Productivity Tools)
Fotojet (Photo/Image Tools) Scrumblr (Collaboration Tools)
Fotonea (Photo/Image Tools) Sedja (Productivity Tools)
Fotor (Photo/Image Tools) Senduit (Collaboration Tools)
Fotostars (Phot/Image Tools) ShortText (Productivity Tools)
FoxyUtils for PDF (Productivity Tools) Shrink Pictures (Photo/Image Tools)
Free Avatar Maker (Creativity Tools) Shrink Pictures Create Avatar (Creativity Tools)
Free Gifmaker (Photo/Image Tools) Shutterborg Word Processor (Productivity Tools)
Free Online OCR (Conversion Tools) Signbot (Creativity Tools)
Free PDF Converter (Conversion Tools ) Sketchometry (Productivity Tools)
From Text to Speech (Multimedia Tools) Sketchpad 3.7 (Creativity Tools)
Gickr (Photo/Image Tools) Slick Write (Productivity Tools)
gifmake (Photo/Image Tools) Slimber (Creativity Tools)
Gifmaker.me (Photo/Image Tools) Small QR (Collaboration Tools)
GifUp (Photo/Image Tools) Smallpdf (Conversion/Productivity Tools)
Glow Text (Creativity Tools) Snaggy (Productivity Tools)
Google Logo (Creativity Tools) Snap (Creativity Tools)
Grab Tube (Multimedia Tools) Stoodle (Collaboration Tools)
Graphity (Productivity Tools) StoryTop Story Maker (Creativity Tools)
Hemingway (Productivity Tools) Sumo Paint (Creativity Tools)
Hohli Online Chart Builder (Productivity Tools) Supalogo (Creativity Tools)
i2img (Conversion Tools) SuperKids WordSearch (Productivity Tools)
i2ocr (Conversion Tools) Superlame (Photo/Image Tools)
iLovePDF (Productivity Tools) Szoter (Photo/Image Tools)
Image Embellisher (Photo/Image Tools) Tableizer (Productivity Tools)
Imagecodr.org (Productivity Tools) TagCrowd (Creativity Tools)
Imageoid (Photo/Image Tools) Tagxedo (Creativity Tools)
ImageSplitter (Photo/Image Tools)
Imgflip Images to Gif Generator (Photo/Image Tools) Teachnology Word Search Maker (Productivity Tools)
Imgflip Video to Gif Generator (Multimedia Tools) Testmoz (Productivity Tools)
iPaint (Creativity Tools) Text Compactor (Productivity Tools)
iPiccy (Photo/Image Tools) Textanim 2.0 (Creativity Tools)
JavaScript Quiz Maker (Productivity Tools) Textcraft (Creativity Tools)
Jeopardy Labs (Productivity Tools) Thesis Builder (Productivity Tools)
Justbeamit (Collaboration Tools) TinEye Reverse Image Search (Productivity Tools)
Justpaste.it (Collaboration Tools) Tiny URL (Productivity Tools)
Kl1p Online Notepad (Collaboration Tools) TodaysMeet (Collaboration Tools)
Kleki (Creativity Tools) ToePub (Conversion Tools)
Konwerter (Conversion Tools) Toy Theater (Creativity Tools)
Lingro Dictionary (Productivity Tools) Tozzl (Collaboration Tools)
Link Expander & Decrypter (Productivity Tools) TubeChop (Multimedia Tools)
LiveGap Charts (ProductivityTools) Tuxpi Photo Editor (Photo/Image Tools)
LogoTypeMaker (Creativity Tools) uMark Online (Photo/Image Tools)
Loose Leaves (Collaboration Tools) unfurlr (Productivity Tools)
Loupe (Photo/Image Tools) v.gd (Productivity Tools)
Lunapic (Photo/Image Tools) Video Grabber (Multimedia Tools)
Make a Thumbnail (Photo/Image Tools) ViewPure (Multimedia Tools)
Make Beliefs Comix (Creativity Tools) Vocaroo (Multimedia Tools)
Media.io (Conversion Tools) VozMe (Multimedia Tools)
MeetingWords (Collaboration Tools) Web Resizer (Photo/Image Tools)
MergeFiles.es (Conversion Tools) Web Screenshots (Productivity Tools)
Mindmap ((Productivity Tools) Web Whiteboard (Collaboration Tools)
Mindmup (Productivity Tools) Webcapture (Productivity Tools)
mQR - must Qrcode (Collaboration Tools) Website Evaluator (Productivity Tools)
New OCR (Converrsion Tools) WePaste.com (Collaboration Tools)
Newspaper Clipping Generator (Productivity Tools) Where Does the Link Go (Productivity Tool)
NGAKids Art Zone (Photo/Image Tools) Whiteboard (Collaboration Tools)
Notebookcast (Collaboration Tools) Word Cloud Generator (Creativity Tools)
OCR Space (Conversion Tools) Word Clouds (Creativity Tools)
Office Convert (Conversion Tools) Word Search Labs (Productivity Tools)
Online Audio Converter (123apps) (Conversion Tools) Wordle (Creativity Tools)
Online Audio Cutter (123apps) (Multimedia Tools) WorksheetsWorks.com (Productivity Tools)
Online Audio Joiner (123apps) (Multimedia Tools) Wordsift (Creativity Tools)
Online Chart Tool (Productivity Tools) Write Rhymes (Productivity Tools)
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